Invitation to Reading CALIFORNIA GARDEN

Invitation Welcome! Join me as I read California Garden, word by word, article by article, issue by issue, from the first publication in July 1909 through to the current copy.

My attempt is to grasp the whole of the magazine’s contents. Together we will watch California and San Diego history unfurl. We will track the evolution of gardening in our region and scrutinize the physical and cultural landscapes. With the magazine squarely in our sights, we will assess its pages as both a reflection of its time and as design artifact.

California Garden magazine has been published by the San Diego Floral Association for 107 years! Huzzah! Despite the magazine’s proclaiming itself “the oldest horticulture magazine in continuous publication in the United States,” the stronger claim is it’s the second oldest continuously published garden magazine in the United States. Horticulture, a journal published by the Horticultural Societies of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, claims precedence over CAGa by a mere couple years. Assuredly, the magazine is the oldest horticulture magazine in continuous publication in the Western United States.

As editor of Centennial Compilation, California Garden 1909-2009, I do know some of the contents of some of the magazine’s issues. I have patchwork knowledge. This blog is an effort to encompass EVERYTHING.

Come along and embrace the quest.


1 Response to Invitation to Reading CALIFORNIA GARDEN

  1. I love your goal of reading through the issues of the magazine. wonderful. amazing. so much to learn in that process.

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